is a Sacramento Comedy Podcast where a radio DJ, a comedienne, and a Stand-up Dad get together each week to interview comedians about their life in comedy, discuss random topics, and crack jokes. 

Gag On This...

The Hosts:

Big Nick

Host/Producer/Booker/Creative Lead

Being on radio wasn't enough for Big Nick, he wanted to highlight local comedians and the Sacramento comedy scene. He books the guests and researches topics for the podcast, he produces all episodes, and stresses out constantly! Also, he came up with the name of the podcast so if you like it, let him know! If you hate it, don't tell him...he is very fragile. When he isn't doing the podcast you can find him on PlayFM every weekday from 10am to 2pm or tweeting nonsense.

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Danni D

Host/Booker/Creative Assistant

California born-and-raised Danni D brings you her unique brand of spice, vice, and not-always-so-nice comedy. Originally just a guest, the boys fell in love with her comedic style. She is constantly making both of them laugh and adds a great voice to the podcast. Danni D will always make you laugh with her raunchy twist of personal stories. You can always find her at open mics in the Sacramento area and make sure to check her social media for all the shows she gets on.

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Host/Booker/Creative Assistant

A Bay Area transplant, Rob attended a stand up class where he met Big Nick. When the podcast started Rob was the very first guest and he...just...sorta stayed, but the podcast is better for it! Rob gives a responsible point of view and is amazed at what comes out of Danni and Big Nick's mouths. Aside from being on Gag he is the host/producer/creative lead for the Stand Up Dads Podcast where he and his friend discuss the humor and pitfalls of raising a child.

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Where You Can Find Us

Currently looking for another club to host our podcast!

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